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Which is The Right Skin Cancer Surgery for You?

Thanks to the many advances in skin cancer surgeries, the five-year survival rate for people who detect melanoma early is close to 98 percent. However, since not all skin cancers are the same, the type of treatment that is needed differs from person to person. It’s important that you immediately seek consultation and visit a medical professional as soon as you notice any signs of the disease. The highly skilled team at Benrus Surgical has years of experience in general surgery and specializes in treating all skin cancers including melanoma. Come visit us and we can work with you to find the best treatment to beat this disease. Some of the treatments offered include:

Excision – Local anesthesia is usually used for this procedure, which consists of a surgeon using a razor or scalpel to shave or cut the growth off. The three main types of excision are:

  •   Shave Biopsy – A razor-like tool is used to peel or shave off the growth from the skin.
  •   Simple Excision – A scalpel is used cut off the growth and skin that surrounds it.
  •   Wide Excision – This procedure is used when a wider perimeter of skin needs to be cutoff. Sometimes a deeper cut into the tissue will also need to be made.Lymph Node Biopsy – Patients with melanoma may need to have this procedure preformed to see is there are any signs of cancer in the nodes or lymph nodes to help determine if further treatments are needed.

    Benrus Surgical not only specializes in skin cancer surgeries, but they also preform hernia repair and treat gallbladder disease and appendicitis. If you need general surgery in the St. Louis area, contact us for an appointment today!

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